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IE expo Chengdu 2023

IE expo Chengdu 2023

IE expo Chengdu 2023


China Environment Expo Chengdu

IE expo Chendu

China Environment Expo Chengdu is the first exhibition held by Munich Expo Group in the western region of China, integrating strong government and industry resources, a number of domestic and foreign industry strength institutions to join forces, will present a collection of global environmental pollution control cutting-edge solutions to showcase the platform for the west. At the same time, the summit meeting held in the same period of the exhibition will invite government departments, famous academicians, famous enterprises and industry experts to explain the current environmental protection industry policies, market development trends, innovative technologies, etc., so that professionals in the region can learn to master the market arteries through communication.

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Exhibition Halls

West China International Expo City, Chengdu


12 July - 14 July 2023


All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce Environmental Chamber of Commerce
Messe München Group
China Trade Munich Exhibition (Shanghai) Co.

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Every year

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