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Messe Muenchen ZM is a joint venture company jointly invested by Messe Muenchen and Shanghai Zhongmao International Exhibition Co., Ltd. and specializes in organizing and hosting large-scale exhibitions and conferences at home and abroad. The company gathers a group of professional event and exhibition planning and operation talents, and has rich experience in brand communication and self-media operation. At present, we are the organizer and operator of IE expo, which is an environmental exhibition with high reputation in the industry.


"IE expo" started in 2000, and has been cultivating China's environmental protection industry for more than 20 years, adhering to the excellent quality of the world's flagship environmental protection exhibition IFAT, and has become Asia's flagship environmental protection exhibition, and the second largest environmental protection exhibition in the world after IFAT.


IE expo China involves water, atmosphere, solid waste, soil and noise and other environmental protection industry chain, in 2015 to open the South China sub-exhibition "IE expo China Guangzhou", in 2019 to enter the West to hold "IE expo China Chengdu", 2022 South China sub-exhibition to start a single year held in Guangzhou, held in Shenzhen in dual years of the twin star model, has formed every year three places three exhibitions, the Yangtze River Delta integrated economic belt, Chengdu-Chongqing twin city economic circle and Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Bay Area city cluster three industrial linkage of prosperous scenes, for the development of environmental protection enterprises to inject a constant source of endogenous power to activate the development of upgrading.


Supporting each other to achieve more together

We treat each other with respect and fairness.

We keep our promises.

We give honest, objective feedback - and accept and act on it.

We regulate our behavior with the goal of a long-term partnership.

Working together to create extraordinary business

We guarantee each other and support each other.

We leverage our respective strengths to achieve mutual success and share experiences.

We put business goals above individual interests.

We help our customers and partners succeed and achieve a win-win situation.

Winning success with a sense of mission

We work with a professional attitude and constantly improve our skills.

We accept challenges and strive to be the best we can be.

We are positive, proactive and determined - and remain passionate and optimistic.

We always strive to exceed our clients' expectations.

Accountability is the starting point to the goal

We take responsibility for our actions and the results they lead to.

We are consistent in our decisions and always stick to them, learning from experience.

We always take responsibility for the success of our customers.

We actively contribute to society and use natural resources wisely and efficiently.

The world belongs to people with innovative thinking

We are curious and creative, constantly thinking outside the box.

We are passionate about new ideas and putting them into practice.

We are bold and innovative and willing to take manageable risks.

We actively engage partners to learn from each other and share experiences.

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